Computers can be real frustrating when they are not working. They can also be a great asset when they are in good condition. They were created to be an extension of us. They give us computing abilities far beyond our mental capacity.

You might be thinking that it’s not worth it to fix your computer. You can just go and buy a new one right? Before you do that bring it by our shop. Every day we revive computers for a fraction of the cost of a new one. The average repair is $100. The average new computer is $500 (This may or may not include transferring your data to it). Let us save you some money.


If you are ever in the Marion Area, feel free to stop by our repair depot to drop off your computer. We are at 397 Wareham Rd Marion, MA 02738 diagonally across from Cumberland Farms.

We also have the ability to fix most computer problems remotely. Call 508-748-0005 and click the link below to establish a remote connection.

Remote Repair

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Some of our common in shop repairs include:

  • Computer Tune Up & Virus Removal

  • Windows Reinstallation

  • Data Backup

  • Hard Drive Replacement

  • Memory Upgrades

  • Power Supply Replacement

  • Keyboard Replacement

  • Software Installation

  • Printer Installation

  • Hardware Installation

  • iPhone & iPad Glass Replacement

  • ECT…