Sometimes you might find your self minimizing and maximizing your programs. You keep clicking going back and forth all day long on your computer. This is not only time consuming it is also annoying. Having the benefit of dual monitors is the cure for that. It allows you to see everything that your doing all at once. Everyone I know that has a second monitor will never give it up.

Some people leave there email client or their calendars up. In doing this they can focus on their primary application without missing the important stuff. Home many times have you gotten deep in what your doing and you missed an appointment or an important email. If you have a secretary definitely without hesitation get her a 2nd monitor. You will be amazed at the increase in her productivity.

Whether your are cutting and pasting or comparing products, you will have better control and insight into what your doing. You might think that your only saving yourself seconds every minute, but over time it leads to hours. Most see a 30% increase in productivity right away. Setting up your 2nd monitor will only cost you around $150. Do your self a cost benefit analysis. If your time is worth $25hr then that $150 might pay for itself 10x over–each year.

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