A Line of Business App is a software package that was designed for a specific industry. Healthcare organizations have Electronic Medical Record programs. CPA’s have bookkeeping and tax programs. Retailers have Point of Sale Systems. Having these software packages greatly increase their organization and productivity. Without these programs companies would be forced in using whats called horizontal programs. Horizontal programs are not industry specific. They have been made for many industries.

There are Software Developers out there who feel the need to work with specific industries. May be they have a family member who owns a business and voices a host of problems that they have using their software. These developers create programs that solve these problems. They spend time talking to dozens of people in the industry and make the software better over time. Soon their program becomes the prescription for that industries software woes.

Once you find that line of business app you will notice that it surrounds itself by the best practices of your industry. The developer tallied up the feature requests that he received over months of development. The louder requests received more attention. They got tested and approved. Since then he and his team have been tweaking it to better serve the industry. The more mature the software gets it tends to conform to your industry.

Using it will keep you in the loop. The updates will give you more leverage. It will allow you to work faster and smarter. The more niche the product is the better suited it will be for you. You should take time every quarter to search google for programs in your industry. Usually YouTube will have some demo videos on how to use the software. You can see the testimonials of people who have used it and how it benefited them.

Don’t be afraid to try new stuff. Request a free demo of the product. The developers should be more than willing to help you get acquainted with it. It may take you a few hours to get used to it. If it is not a good fit just move on. The insight you gain from seeing the product should be worth the try. The more software you see the better you will be at judging whats best for your company.

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