OK, so your computer is on the fritz. You’ve had it for a couple of years. You are not sure if its worth it to fix it or to just go out to buy a new one. I’m going to help you with this scenario. As with most questions the answer here is, “It depends”.

The first thing you want to find out is what processor you have. Most of the time the decision hangs on this variable. Your processor may be just as fast as the ones that are being sold today. Over the past few years technology has not changed that much. 10 years ago there was a rapid change in the speed of the processor. Today they have found that the current CPU speeds (over the past 5 years) have stayed sufficient with what the markets needs.

Most of the time you can just upgrade your Windows Operating System and memory. This usually is enough to make your computer run just as fast as a new one. 9 times out of 10 your computer problems are software related. The hardware doesn’t fail as much as it use to 10 years ago. 50% of the repairs that come into my shop are resolved with a basic clean and tune-up.

Hard drive space is hardly a factor these days. If you fill yours up you can get an external hard drive for $50. I wouldn’t place the decision of getting a new computer on your lack of hard drive space. You can also have one installed internally for around $80. This is much more cost effective than dumping your computer to get a new one.

Fixing your computer on average costs around $100. This is the same amount that it would cost you to transfer your data to a new computer. When you get a new computer you need to also consider transferring your programs and configuring it. This just adds additional costs to your purchase. If your computer can be fixed without reloading windows you can avoid these costs.

Although, if your computer is more than 5 years old I would consider buying a new one. At that point it may still be cost effective to fix it, but your are walking on a line. This is why you need to compare your current processor to what is available on the market today. If your processor is no longer on the market it is a clear indicator that its not fast enough for today’s standards.

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