Are you interested in getting a new IT Company for your business? Are you not satisfied with the response time of your current IT Company? You need an IT Company that is versed in Business. We are not just Geeks, we are Business Technologists that are trained in implementing technology that will directly impact your bottom line.


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Managed Services


Managed Services

No Longer Wait for the Break/Fix

As a thriving business, you might want to keep your IT systems from ever falling apart in the first place. The adage ‘an ounce of prevention is better than the pound of cure’ is one we are all aware of. However, in this industry, we all too often see organizations neglecting the wisdom of prevention, subsequently incurring shocking losses – of time, resources, energy, cost, productivity and mindshare – that come from IT breakdowns.

With Managed Services from MC, you can:

  • Easily Budget your IT expenses – We provide an all-inclusive, flat-rate for our IT services, which allows you to set a fixed budget. This prevents fluctuations in spending that could very well disrupt your entire financial plan.
  • Predictable support services – You can plan service changes in advance, according to convenience and practicality. We can thoughtfully determine the best times to discuss issues with our consultants, implement upgrade cycles, perform system auditing and handle maintenance tasks.
  • Vested Commitment – With managed services from MC, our sole interest is in ensuring your systems are consistently stable and reliable. The reliability of your systems is directly linked to our own success.
  • Focus on Enhancement – This service allows you, and us, to shift attention from fixing breakdowns to the far more fulfilling, invigorating process of enhancing network management capabilities and increasing the value of your systems.
  • Less downtime – We identify and fix issues before they become computer repair problems. Potential issues show up on your radar screen, and our radar screen, well before they cause any disruption to your office.
  • 9-5 Help Desk – Our team is just an email or a phone call away. We will connect to your computers remotely and remediate any problems per your request. No more living with computer problems. We can take care of them right away.

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Managed Firewalls will protect your business from hackers

Malware & spyware is infecting computers at an all time high. It just keeps getting worst. Antivirus programs only have the capacity to block and remove 50% of the problems that are out there. Just like the police they can’t stop every crime. This is why we need to install a Managed Firewall in your organization. This is like having a bodyguard at your door. The firewall waits at the edge of your network, ready to block anything that can reak havoc on your network. So if you have personal information that you need to protect, call us to install your new Managed Firewall.


With the advent of The Cloud, businesses are moving some of their core business technologies off-site. This process is beneficial for stability and cost of IT. It also can be a daunting task. Being misinformed a company can cause heap loads of trouble for their organization. This is why you need a Cloud Specialist to help you navigate through this journey to the cloud. One that not only helps you with the migration, but also helps you with the education needed to take full advantage of your new technologies. Here at Marion Computer we recommend Office 365. There are many other solutions available, but these two surfaced as the best. Using this platform you can migrate your emails, documents, communication, and much more–to the cloud. This will make your team more organized, informed, and productive.

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The mass migration of applications to the AWS cloud is here and now.  Most businesses plan to migrate applications and systems to AWS to capture cost efficiencies, scalability, and agility benefits, and to avoid impending on premise infrastructure costs.

The issue is that there are many ways to migrate applications to AWS, each with its own tradeoffs.  As enterprises begin the migration, it’s helpful to consider these tradeoffs, and take a look at emerging best practices. The due diligence can be overwhelming for the average organization. This is why you need AWS cloud services specialists to help you navigate this venture.

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