Usually the phrase, “The more then merrier” holds true. For websites this can be no further from true. Clutter on your website is a problem. You want your web pages to be clear and concise. You don’t want any distractions. The worst thing you can do is make your users over think.

Using your website should come natural. You want to have an ultimate goal for your users on each page. They should be able to reach those goals somewhat unconsciously. With the proper colors and layouts you can make them happen almost automatically. Just keep it simple and your users will click what needs to be clicked and learn what they need to learn.

You might feel like you need to educate your users. Of course you do, but your copy on each page should be between 300 – 500 words. If that is not enough words to get your point across then you should put that information in your blog. You can place a link on the corresponding web page to your blog post.

Most people don’t want to camp out on your pages. They want to spend 15 seconds on each page. They should be able to scan the page and grasp the concepts in seconds. Don’t expect someone to spend minutes on each page. If you pontificate your users will bounce from your site to another.

I think about each page as an elevator pitch. My idea is to make the first 10 seconds of viewing the site compelling enough to make them want to stay. If I can catch their interest then I have them for another 20 seconds on that page. If I still have their interest then they will either request my free offer or go to my blog.

Whatever you do have simplicity in your mind when you are creating your webpages. Your users will appreciate you for it. Your content will be more appealing on mobile as well. Its easy to add content. Its hard to trim the fat.